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Harbor Freight also offers a single Thunderbolt Solar 25-watt solar panel that can handle 1 amp of current. You can pick it up for $59.99. This means the bundle of four listed above at $169.99 is a better deal. But if you don’t need the 100-watt output, you can save money by snagging this one. It’s designed for small appliances, motors, or batteries. Thunderbolt Solar claims that it is ideal for Marine or RV 12V batteries.

The panel features amorphous silicon solar cells, making it a solid choice for cloudy weather. It’s also durable, with its ABS plastic construction. The panel includes handy accessories like a cigarette lighter adapter, battery terminal clamps, and a bare-wire pigtail. A foldable kickstand is also included to prop the panel at an angle.

This kit has over 300 reviews, with 93% of customers saying they would recommend it. One of the most popular use cases customers mentioned for the panel is charging small batteries, like those in lawnmowers. What customers liked the most was the price, ease of use, and power. Many were also impressed at how weather-resistant the product is and how well it performs during cloudy days.

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