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India aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2070, and already it is one of the top producers of renewable energy. Through governmental entities and private corporations — many based in Hyderabad — India is developing new technologies for power generation, storage and delivery. As more people rely on renewable energy, these resources will be critical. These are some of the top renewable energy companies in Hyderabad to know as the country advances its greentech.

Top Renewable Energy Companies in Hyderabad to Know

  • Vibrant Energy
  • Jivoule Biofuels
  • Gayam Motor Works
  • Premier Energies
  • Cygni Energy

Top Renewable Energy Companies in Hyderabad 

Vibrant Energy is a renewable power provider for businesses in India. The company calls itself an “end-to-end” renewable energy company as it owns and operates energy generation assets in India and Singapore. Some of its services include green hydrogen and off-site power generation. 

Jivoule Biofuels is a green energy company developing biofuels using an innovative process. Through a fermentation process, the Hyderabad-based company converts organic waste material into sustainable energy sources. Its process reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and landfills. 

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Gayam Motor Works develops electric bicycles and tuk-tuk vehicles. The company’s e-bikes feature three riding modes, manual peddling, pedal assistance and fully automatic riding. They’re also equipped with a 36v battery capable of reaching high speeds. Meanwhile, its tuk-tuks transport people or cargo and operate up to 110 km on a single charge. 

Premier Energies manufactures solar PV panels in India. Its panels feature advanced wafer technology, which improves power generation capacity compared to standard panels. Apart from manufacturing panels and modules, Premier Energies also develops large-scale solar farms to generate its own power stores.

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Cygni Energy develops battery solutions for electric vehicles and energy storage. Its batteries are compact and feature quick charging capabilities and thermal management. Cygni Energy also develops rooftop solar solutions that integrate with its batteries to improve power delivery.

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