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Angola has set a target of 60% access to electricity by 2025 under the strategic plan ‘Visao 2025,’ of which solar is poised to play a central role. Supporting electrification as well as diversification, solar projects are being rolled out by the government alongside international partners and project developers.

Masdar to Build 150 MW Solar Project

An agreement for the development of a 150 MW solar plant was signed between Angola’s Ministry of Energy and Water and UAE-based renewable energy company Masdar in Dubai last December. The 150 MW project will produce electricity to power 90,000 homes, contributing to job creation, emissions reduction and efforts to increase national electrification.

Standard Chartered Commits $1.44B Towards Solar

Angola’s Ministry of Finance secured $1.44 billion in financing from multinational bank Standard Chartered in July 2023 to fund the deployment of 48 solar PV systems nationwide. The projects will be installed in the Moxico, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Bie, and Malanje provinces, adding 296 MW of solar capacity and 719 MWh of battery energy storage system to the Angolan grid. The facilities will provide electricity to power one million consumers. Clean energy firm MCA Group has been tasked with the construction of the projects.

$900M Injected Funding into 500 MW Project

An agreement for the provision of $900 million in funding to support the implementation of the Angola Solar Energy Project was reached between Angola’s Ministry of Energy and Water and the U.S. Export-Import Bank in June 2023. The project will include the installation of two solar PV facilities with a combined capacity of 500 MW while boosting Angola’s employment opportunities with the creation of 1,600 jobs. The initiative also strengthens cooperation between Angola and the U.S. regarding the exchange and trade of goods and services including solar panels, switches and building equipment. Clean energy firms AfricaGlobal Schaffer and SunAfrica are constructing the projects.

Luena Project Progresses

The 26,906 MW Luena Solar Energy Park is expected to start operations in 2024. Located in Moxico province, the $39.1 million project will comprise 42,560 solar panels and will be operated by state utility Empresa Pública de Produção de Electricidade. The project reached 60% completion in April 2023.

Caraculo Project Inaugurated

The 50 MW Caraculo Project in Namibe province was inaugurated by a consortium comprising Angola’s national oil company Sonangol and international energy company Azule Energy in May 2023. The project will feature 48,000 solar panels generating electricity to power 90,000 homes. The solar facility will mitigate the emissions of 224,000 tons of carbon dioxide while providing employment to 600 people. Developed in phases, the facility will be operational for 20 years and falls in line with efforts by Angola to generate 500 MW of renewable energy capacity by 2025. A final investment decision for the project was reached in December 2021.

Operations Start at Benguela Projects

Angola started operations at two solar energy facilities – the 188 MW Biopio Solar Plant and the 96 MW Baia Farta Solar Plant – in Benguela province in August 2022. The projects were developed by MCA Group with funding provided by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the French Development Agency (AFD). The project is part of an initiative launched MCA group, the AFD and the IBRD in 2021 to develop seven solar farms and provide access to electricity to 2.4 million consumers in Angola.

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