Anza Launches Platform Comparison Features For Solar Module Buyers – Solar Industry

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Anza has introduced capabilities on its platform that the company says gives buyers the ability to organize and rank the varied aspects of equipment required to select the ideal modules for a given project.

The platform’s offering is aimed at developers, IPPs and EPCs with what the companies claims is a more granular set of insights into products and suppliers to help meet project goals.

“We find ourselves at a pivotal moment as solar industry growth, project deployments and technology improvements are all accelerating,” says Mike Hall, CEO of Anza. 

“Procurement professionals have to navigate a vast field of module options, and without access to real-time data to evaluate risk and other key factors, they are left having to make critical multi-million dollar decisions with limited information. This is compounded by increasingly prevalent trade and import risks, which can derail project schedules and negatively impact the bottom line. With Anza, buyers have the data and tools needed to confidently and comprehensively navigate these risks and gain valuable insights into suppliers’ products, supply chains and more.”

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