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Aptech Africa, dedicated to enhancing lives through clean energy access, has successfully implemented and activated four systems designed to uplift education and health services in the Kasese district. Addressing the essential needs of students, teachers, and healthcare providers, the initiative aims to contribute to improved living conditions.


In Kasese district, where students lacked electricity for nighttime studies, teachers required power for device charging, and maintaining hygiene necessitated hair trimming, Aptech Africa’s standalone systems played a crucial role. The project comprises four distinct systems, varying in size: Kasanzi PS- 2.7Kwp, Maghoma PS- 2.16Kwp, Mbata Primary School- 2.70Kwp, and Buhuhira HC IV- 3.24Kwp. All systems share a battery storage size of 10.2kWh and an inverter capacity of 3.5kW, with roof-mounted panels.

The installations not only support educational needs but also enhance healthcare services in the local hospital by providing reliable lighting and powering critical medical equipment, particularly benefiting mothers and infants. Challenges such as challenging terrain and the lack of internal wiring in schools were overcome by Aptech Africa’s commitment to bringing sustainable energy solutions to underserved communities.


Despite the difficulties posed by challenging topography and wiring issues, Aptech Africa successfully transported materials and installed sockets in the classrooms. Each installation is anticipated to benefit over 100 individuals in schools and more than 50 individuals in the hospital, marking a significant stride towards sustainable energy-driven progress in the region.

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