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BayWa r.e. is set to commence its dual-technology project in Spain, comprising three wind farms totaling 135 MW, marking its largest onshore wind endeavor in Europe. Additionally, two solar farms with a combined capacity of 53 MW will be integrated. Developed in collaboration with local partner CEAR, the project signals a pioneering approach to future renewable initiatives. Situated in Épila, Lumpiaque, and Rueda de Jalón municipalities near Zaragoza, northern Spain, this endeavor embodies innovation in renewable energy.

Each of the three wind farms will feature eight Nordex wind turbines, with a total capacity of 45 MW each, totaling up to 135 MW of wind power generation. Additionally, the two photovoltaic plants will have capacities of 30 MW and 23 MW, respectively, totaling 53 MW of solar generation. Together, these wind and solar farms will produce approximately 475 GWh of green electricity annually, equivalent to the yearly consumption of over 121,000 households in Spain. With an investment exceeding €280 million, the renewable electricity will be sold through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

BayWa r.e. will construct these projects in the same vicinity, commencing with the wind farm cluster to optimize land usage and streamline development costs. By sharing grid infrastructure, the wind and solar farms will significantly reduce associated expenses. Anticipated to be operational by the end of 2025, this joint effort marks a pivotal achievement for BayWa r.e., representing a pioneering venture in Spain.


With environmental permits secured, the project aligns with local environmental regulations, with plans for landscape enhancement and biodiversity preservation. Innovative measures such as the IdentiFlight bird detection system will be employed, showcasing a commitment to environmental stewardship. As development progresses, ongoing dialogue with stakeholders will inform community engagement and biodiversity initiatives.

Daniel Gäfke, Global Director of Projects and Executive Board Member at BayWa r.e., said, “We are very excited to develop this project. It sets a precedent for us in Spain, as it is unique in terms of project size and the innovative structure of combined wind and solar energy generation. We will closely collaborate with the local community so that people and the environment can benefit as much as possible from Rueda Sur’s positive impact: promoting biodiversity, improving sustainability, and creating jobs.”

Alexander Rothenanger, Global Director of IPP at BayWa r.e., added,“We are excited to further expand our IPP business with Rueda Sur, making good progress towards achieving around 2 GW in 2024 – and even more in the future. Combining different technologies and energy sources for projects such as this one is always a complex but important challenge, while also providing true added value for our diverse portfolio.”

Matthias Taft, CEO of BayWa r.e., noted, “I still remember how 21 years ago, we realised La Muela, our first wind farm in Spain, with 99 MW – at the time, a truly pioneering project. Looking at the estimated output for Rueda Sur with its innovative dual-technology aspect, I am proud to see how far we have come. I am also confident that technologies for renewables will continue to optimise, innovate, and improve – and that there is still much untapped potential.”

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