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With the sometimes not-so-subtle push of green policies from our national politicians and our innate desire to do better and save money, it’s no wonder the Sunshine State has been a hotbed (no pun intended) for a flurry of solar panels to adorn our open fields and rooftops. With tax incentives and nascent businesses across the board looking to put a dent in the demand for solar technology, we were eager to do our research and learn what experiences our agents and their past clients have had with this young but key technology. While solar panels have existed for a long time, we are still very much in the advent-phase for solar, as the current assemblage and efficiency of the technology is limited. Most famously, the German Energiewende stands as one of the remarkable calamities of green energy policy, showing the difference between well-meaning politicians and actual scientists grounded in the reality of solar’s current state.Today’s Boca Raton Real Estate blog gives a general and unbiased overview of the state of solar, its pros, cons, and whether your rooftop is apt for adding more power to your home with our galaxy’s most significant commodity.

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Pro: Makes Use Of Our Largest Source of Power

We can’t exist without the sun! While colder climes and more temperate regions may suffer from droughts of overcast weather, the beautiful Boca Raton sunshine stands in direct contrast with our visions of gloomy northeasterly or small English towns, where the weather is often grey and drizzly. Solar power, simply put, takes advantage of the very star that powers our plant life, gives us energy, and keeps us alive. 

tax rebate

Con: No State Rebates or Tax Credits

While there are numerous federal initiatives for solar panel installations, don’t expect a handout from the state. Solar panel companies have become in part their financial wing, learning the ins and outs of navigating government bureaucracy to build in these rebates as a value add. Your solar contractor should demonstrate a reasonable understanding of the various ways you can save money, much like your mortgage lender or a car salesman would help you find the best deal with the highest possible value.

backup power source

Pro: Backup Power Source For Major Outages

While solar power retention and battery technology have limited the ability to power citywide infrastructure with solar, it can be used in smaller settings such as your Boca Raton home as a valued backup power source. If you do not have an expensive home generator, solar panels may have the juice to back up the essential functions of your home. While it should not be relied upon the same way emergency generators would during an environmental disaster, there’s certainly nothing wrong with leveraging the added ability for your home to generate power to keep your lights on and air flowing when the going gets tough.

expensive up front cost

Con: High Up Front Cost

Solar panels are extremely expensive. Part of the reason will be revealed in our last “con” of the blog. Without added tax incentives at the state level, it may be years before you’re able to successfully recoup the upfront cost through power savings. For those who have the funds and are less worried about creating a financially advantageous situation, such an investment is much easier to make. If your dollars spent are expected to have a binary relationship with the money saved, you may be waiting some time before you break even. Always be mindful of the financial and energetic implications of solar panel installation.

long term savings

Pro: Significant Savings Over Time

In conjunction with our previous point, solar panels will save you significantly over time. Due to the newness of this technology and the inability to properly store the quantity of power generated, the bell curve of money spent versus money saved will track most likely like a car payment, where the initial upfront costs are high, but for every mile driven after it’s paid off, you’re saving boatloads of money. 

mine worker overseeing strip mine

Con: Ethical Concerns Regarding Raw Materials

Beyond the general inefficiency of solar panels, there are concerns regarding the sociopolitical implications of its materials. For instance, when the United States drills for its oil, we are certain that adults, mostly men, are paid handsomely to conduct this arduously challenging work. Solar panels, however, rely upon raw materials found predominantly in The Democratic Republic of Congo, a nation that has been maligned with disasters ranging from civil war to ebola, to the unsafe and generally inhumane working conditions that many of the mines are guilty of. These mines often employ children who should be in school. In addition, a plurality of these solar panels are assembled in China, another nation that is generally more stable than The DRC, but has its own dreadful track record for workers’ rights. In addition to the conflicts caused by and around these materials, the emissions from mining, assembling, and shipping these large solar panels are in some cases enough to dissuade even the most green-concerned from making a decision that in today’s age, could be interpreted as “greenwashing.”

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