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Carlisle Events, in partnership with the USDA and Solar Renewable Energy of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania is proud to announce the installation and implementation of solar panels and solar power both at the fairgrounds and the neighboring Carlisle Expo Center.

The project was years in the making and was made possible by way of a grant from the USDA and their Rural Energy for America Program or REAP.  REAP helps farmers, ranchers, and rural small business owners invest in renewable energy through renewable energy and energy efficiency loans and grants, energy audits, and renewable energy development grants.  Funds may also be used for the purchase, installation, and construction of energy efficiency improvements.  It’s these improvements that will adorn the two facilities in the coming months.

Behind-the-scenes conversations, logistics, and planning had been ongoing throughout 2023 with the ultimate green light coming in December.  While the visible core of the work won’t begin until the middle of 2024, the project is expected to be completed by the end of the year and will offer no impact on the overall guest experience during events.  Panels will adorn the roof of the grandstand at the fairgrounds, while also occupying space on the roof of the expo center.

“The Rural Energy for America Program or REAP is bringing rural small businesses and farmers financial support to make their energy-efficient projects a reality across Pennsylvania,” State Director for USDA Rural Development Bob Morgan said. “Since 2021, we have invested more than $25 million in energy efficiency projects in Pennsylvania. We are thrilled to be able to bring these resources to the Carlisle Fairgrounds.”

“It’s been great to work with the Carlisle Fairgrounds to show the public how effective solar can be in reducing energy expenses and shielding itself from future energy inflation by going solar,” said Seth Berry of Solar Renewable Energy. “Schools, hospitals, municipalities and businesses can all follow the example that the fairgrounds is setting by protecting the environment while it saves significant money by going solar.”

“We are excited to make this solar transition,” noted Carlisle Events co-owners Bill Miller and Lance Miller (no relation).  “This investment will not only help sustain our own operations with renewable energy but will allow Carlisle Events to contribute additional sustainable energy back into the community and its power grid,” added Bill and Lance.  “We can’t thank the USDA enough for their belief and support of this venture and for the team at Solar Renewable Energy for their installation efforts.  This path forward is great for everyone involved and we look forward to the completion of the project.”

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