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A study from the University of Michigan that’ll be in Nature Climate Change on April 19, 2024, says climate change might boost the worth of home rooftop solar by as much as 19% by 2100. This detailed research looks at how much money solar panels can save a family given changing weather, and it gives a fresh outlook on long haul investments in green energy.

What’s Solar Worth?

The “Value of Solar” (VOS) is the total cash benefit to someone who has solar panels at home. It includes savings on power bills plus cash from selling extra power back to the utility company. You’ve got to subtract what you first payout for putting up those panels though. This VOS thing is pretty important for folks who wanna put solar on their roof and for leaders trying to get more people to use renewable energy.

Main Takeaways from The Research

  • Broad Hikes Research covering 17 cities in the U.S. shows VOS is climbing all over, but Miami’s jump was the biggest.
  • A Few Odd Ones Out, on the other hand, Minneapolis looks to be the odd one out with VOS possibly dropping because it won’t need as much air conditioning and won’t get as much sun for solar power in future weather patterns.

What’s Pushing Up Solar Panel Worth

1. Soaring Cool Down Needs
As the Earth gets hotter, folks will crank up their home air coolers big time. That means they’ll use more of their solar power instead of selling it cheaply to the power companies. Good deal for those with panels on their roofs.
2. Solar Tech Getting Better (Or Worse)
The changing climate shakes up how well solar panels work. When the air changes,
The research shows that weather changes influence how much power solar panels can produce In cities like Dallas and Milwaukee, solar efficiency may go up thanks to more sun. But in places like Los Angeles and New York, there might be less energy because of more clouds and heat.

What This Means for the Future

It’s crucial for people thinking about getting solar panels to think ahead about the climate. Knowing they could get more out of their investment might make more folks go solar. That’d be a big step towards cutting carbon emissions from power production for reaching worldwide goals on climate change and pushing for cleaner energy habits.

Making Solar Energy Easier to Get

Solar power is great, but it often costs a lot upfront. The study points out a bunch of plans for trying

  • Subsidy Support –  These initiatives cut down the expense of solar setups, so more people with less money can afford them.
  • State Actions – Putting up solar panels on government buildings helps save energy costs without any bills for the people using those spaces.
  • Shared Solar Plans – These projects let folks join in on the solar action, even if their roofs aren’t right for it. This way, everybody gets a piece of the solar pie.

The Final Word and Research Backing

This study got cash from big groups like China’s National Key R&D Program, America’s own National Science Foundation, and more. It doesn’t just spotlight how weather changes can hit our wallets via solar power. but also lays the groundwork for what’s to come in making rules about clean energy. It’s a loud wake-up call saying we need to work together better to make getting into sun-powered energy easier for everyone.

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