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Los Alamos

The rate change being vote on by DPU is substantially more than indicated in the County news release published by the Los Alamos Reporter April 13 (

Is this an end to the principle of net metering?

I am not an electrician, but my understanding of permitting in Los Alamos County is that the electricity produced by PV panels goes to the LA Utility, not directly to my appliances. I then draw from the LA Utility, hence the 2 meters. Maybe there are exceptions, but this is the general rule for installation.

With this change, we will not be netting out our own electricity. We must ‘sell’ it all to the DPU at the wholesale rate and buy it back at the higher retail rate. All of it, not just our over-production as it stands now. This means if we generate 150 kWh and use 150 kWh in the month that does not net out to zero. We will be charged the difference between the retail and wholesale price per kWh.

I believe this to be unfair and I oppose this change. I am encouraging anyone in Los Alamos County who has a PV Solar system to attend the Wednesday, April 17 meeting at the Municipal Building at 5:30 pm. or at least contact the DPU and make your feelings known.

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