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In a joint collaboration between the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Youth (MoESY) and the Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC), Cyprus celebrates the successful completion of a groundbreaking project to introduce solar energy to its educational institutions. The project’s final progress report was handed over to the Minister of Education by the EAC.


The comprehensive initiative involved the installation of photovoltaic systems in 405 schools, boasting a combined capacity of 4.9 MW. To enhance energy efficiency, thermal insulation measures were implemented across approximately 84,000 square meters of school buildings, coupled with waterproofing in areas hosting the newly installed solar panels.

Anticipated to slash energy consumption in schools by an impressive 30%, the project signifies a notable stride in environmental sustainability. Aligned with the EAC’s commitment to social and corporate responsibility, the venture was supported financially by the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Plan.


Initially, the EAC covered the costs, with subsequent reimbursement from the Ministry of Education. This initiative not only promises substantial reductions in energy expenses for educational institutions but also underscores Cyprus’s dedication to fostering a greener, more eco-conscious future.

Beyond the immediate benefits for schools, the project is poised to bolster the nation’s overall energy security, concurrently reducing its dependence on conventional fossil fuels. Cyprus emerges as a beacon of environmental responsibility, setting an example for sustainable practices in the Mediterranean region.

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