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Duke Energy has unveiled the PowerPair program, an incentive-based pilot program aims to accelerate the adoption of home solar generation coupled with battery energy storage systems in North Carolina. The program, approved by the North Carolina Utility Commission (NCUC) on January 11, 2024, marks a significant step towards fostering clean energy solutions in the region.

Duke Energy, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, said the PowerPair program offers residential customers attractive incentives of up to $9,000 for installing solar plus battery systems, making these sustainable energy solutions more accessible and affordable. The incentives are tailored based on the type of solar array and battery installed, providing flexibility to customers while promoting renewable energy adoption.

Lon Huber, Duke Energy’s senior vice president of Pricing and Customer Solutions, emphasized the program’s benefits, stating, “PowerPair gives Duke Energy an added tool to provide more reliability to solar energy, which in turn benefits all customers as North Carolina grows in population.”

PowerPair participants and those with existing battery storage systems can engage in Duke Energy’s expanded demand response programs. This includes options like Power Manager and EnergyWise Home, which now incorporate a newly approved battery control option. Participants allow Duke Energy to adjust their systems’ settings temporarily to provide stored electricity back to the grid, receiving bill credits in return.

Customers interested in participating in the PowerPair pilot program can choose from two enrollment options, either through a residential solar choice rider (RSC) or a net metering bridge rider (NMB). They will undergo a random selection process (RSP) starting May 10, ensuring incentive equity among participants.

To ensure quality installation and service, participants must work with Duke Energy Trade Allies, approved solar and battery installers. Duke Energy provides resources for customers to locate approved companies through its Find It Duke program.

North Carolina, ranked fourth in the nation for overall solar power, has approximately 45,000 customers utilizing solar panels with a total capacity of about 350 megawatts. The expanded demand response offerings under the PowerPair program will complement the existing 100 megawatts of residential flexible winter capacity in the state.

Duke Energy, a Fortune 150 company, serves 8.4 million electric customers across North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, with a collective energy capacity of 54,800 megawatts. Its natural gas unit serves 1.7 million customers across several states.

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