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Enphase, a leading microinverter supplier, has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Enphase Power Control software, tailored specifically for North American customers utilizing the Enphase Energy System.


The introduction of the Enphase Power Control system aims to provide installers with greater flexibility in system design, allowing for the construction of larger systems while mitigating the need for costly main panel upgrades and ensuring compliance with utility and national electrical code requirements.


Keith Kruetzfeldt, president of Suntegrity Solar, a California-based installer of Enphase products, emphasized the significance of this advancement, stating, “Homeowners transitioning to solar energy systems want to minimize issues and costs during installations.” He further added, “The Enphase Power Control software enables us to avoid main panel upgrades in many situations which results in significant savings and better return on investment for our customers.”


Enphase highlights that the Power Control system facilitates the export of stored electricity to the grid for economic benefit, particularly with second- and third-generation IQ Batteries. The IQ Battery 5P, integrated with the system, doubles the capacity of prior Enphase Energy battery generations, enabling installers to build batteries up to 80 kWh.

The software boasts versatility, supporting a wide range of solar-only and solar-plus-storage configurations, including grid-tied and grid-forming applications.

Looking ahead, Enphase Energy has plans to introduce additional power control functionality in the third quarter of this year. This includes support for busbar power control, aiming to optimize power extraction from systems while ensuring safety limits within home main load panels. Furthermore, the company intends to integrate its power control feature into Solargraf, its cloud-based design, proposal, and permitting software platform, later this year.

Enphase Energy has been actively expanding its product offerings, with recent launches including the IQ EV charger, new three-phase inverters for the small commercial market, and a commercial-scale microinverter boasting 480 W of peak power output. In February, the company commenced shipments of updated IQ8 microinverters in North America, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the renewable energy sector.

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