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Floridians may be thinking about the environment, with Earth Day on Monday.

The folks at Florida Power & Light say they’re always thinking about the environment.

FPL spokesman Marshall Hastings says the company’s solar programs offer a number of benefits to protect our planet. That includes what he calls ‘wildlife-friendly fencing’ at their many solar farms around the state.

“We’ve seen deer, we’ve seen panthers, we’ve seen racoons going over and under these fences that allows them to still use the natural resources of the area.”

He says those solar energy centers are all over Florida, so that there is always energy available.

“If it’s a sunny day in Miami but it’s cloudy and rainy up in Jacksonville or Pensacola, we’re still able to provide reliable energy to the entire energy grid.”

Hastings says FPL has a program called ‘Solar Together,’ which allows people who can’t or don’t want to put solar panels on their homes to still get some of the economic benefits of solar.

FPL customers can voluntarily subscribe for a fixed monthly rate, paying per kilowatt, up to seven which is 100 percent of the average energy usage of customers. You receive bill credits for the amount of energy that is generated at those community solar sites and over time the credit builds.

Hastings says that by year 4, it continually is higher than what you’re paying to subscribe.

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