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A Georgia man says the solar panels he purchased through “Sun Pro Panels” are not lowering his energy bill as promised. Stephen Roberts says the company is now owned by ADT and they can’t tell him why his bill has increased. 

Roberts says for the last two years the solar panels he purchased have been nothing less than a headache. He says he was lied to by the company and now he’s stuck with a 20-year loan. 

“We regret getting it because what we were told and what we were sold were two different things,” said Roberts.

He says before getting the solar panels installed his energy bill was about $90-95 a month. The representative told him the solar panels would result in an $85 electric bill.

Josh Elkins with carbon recall says you should almost never purchase solar panels from someone who approaches you. He says it’s better to shop around locally. 

Roberts says when he called to complain about the increase in his bill, he found out Sun Pro Solar was no longer the company over his solar panels, but now ADT.

Roberts says he’s now paying over 200 dollars a month and wants to cancel but ADT will not allow him to cancel his loan, because it’s through a third party.

We reached out to ADT for a statement and were told, “We will engage with our customer to address this and work toward a resolution.”

Roberts says he’s hoping after ADT takes another look at his situation and what happened they will credit his account or let him cancel the service. 

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