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Keeping all your gadgets charged and operating is easy when you’re home near all those outlets, but a camping trip or a blackout will instantly change the game.

Enter the portable power station. These batteries come in a wide variety of sizes, from the eminently portable (under 20 pounds) to those that are portable only in the sense that they might have wheels or a cart. They might be able to keep your laptop and phone topped up, or they might be able to run your whole house. They might even be able to charge with portable solar panels.

Through Earth Day (April 22), you can score a 20% discount on a wide variety of products from power station maker, Goal Zero.

Interested in something small enough to take camping? Goal Zero’s Yeti 300 is down to $240. It packs a capacity of 297 watt-hours, enough to recharge your laptop five times or so, and weighs less than 14 pounds. Also on sale are the Yeti 500 and Yeti 700, which, as the names imply, come with higher capacities. Wondering what these things are capable of? I wrote about my experience with the Yeti 700

If you’re looking for something quite a bit larger, Goal Zero also offers 20% off the Yeti Pro 4000, which is down to $3,200. It’s not as portable (it’s more than 125 pounds with the cart). But it is stackable, meaning you can add extra Tank Pro 4000 batteries to increase its capacity. Connect it with a transfer switch, and you can run your home’s appliances off of this battery if the power goes out. If you want to recharge it but don’t have your own rooftop solar panels, you can also pick up portable solar panels like the Nomad 400 for $800, also 20% off.

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