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Jackery is one of the biggest names in the power station industry — and the company has made some of the best portable power stations that we’ve tested here at CNET. From small power stations like the Explorer 300 to large power stations like the Explorer 2000 Pro, a large suite of Jackery’s collection is on sale now.

Having a portable power station on hand can be useful in a variety of situations. If you live somewhere that experiences frequent blackouts, these backup batteries might just be what you need to keep your essentials running that little bit longer before the power comes back. These are also great for camping trips, working just as well as gas generators in some cases.

Here are some deals available ahead of Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, which officially kicks off Wednesday, on Jackery’s portable power stations:

Jackery Explorer 300 (293 Wh): One of Jackery’s smallest portable power station offerings, the Explorer 300 doesn’t have many bells and whistles. What it does offer is dependability — delivering 300 watts of power in a 7.1-pound package, this power station can charge up to 80% in two hours through the wall outlet and USB-C port simultaneously.

With two AC outlets and USB-C, USB-A, quick charge 3.0 and DC car ports, the Explorer 300 can charge up to six devices at a time. At $279, you’re saving a respectable 20% (down from $350) on this piece of hardware.

Jackery Explorer 300 Plus (288 Wh): The Explorer 300 Plus is like the Explorer 300’s younger brother. It weighs 5 pounds, making it one of the easiest portable power stations to carry around for travel purposes. This power station is easy to set up and operate with a one-button start, so it’s a solid pick if you’re looking to bring along a personal battery for camping trips or vacations.

The Explorer 300 Plus is also more affordable than the Explorer 300; during this sale, you can nab this portable power station for $239. This is the best price the Explorer 300 Plus has been this year, down from its original price of $300. You can also get a 40W solar panel bundled with your Explorer 300 Plus – this bundle would normally run for $400, but during this sale, you can get them for 25% off at $300.

Jackery Explorer 500 (518 Wh): While more powerful than the Explorer 300, the Explorer 500 is still quite the compact power station, letting you take a stronger backup power solution with you wherever you go. The Explorer 500 weighs in at 13.3 pounds and is around the size of a basketball, so it’s still easily packed away. You can charge up to seven devices at once with the Explorer 500, using its one AC outlet and its three USB-A, two DC ports and one car port.

The Jackery Explorer 500 typically retails for $530, but it’s 34% off during this sale. That’s one of the best discounts on any of the Jackery products, bringing the sale price of the Explorer 500 to $349.

The Explorer 500 can also be charged with solar panels; the 100W solar panel bundle for the Explorer 500 is also on sale for 25% off, with its price slashed to $600 for the time being.

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro (2160 Wh): Portable power stations like the Explorer 2000 Pro are the real heavy hitters of the industry. This is the type of power station that has the power to rival a generator, even if it can’t run appliances for as long. This portable power station runs quietly, can power up to eight separate devices at once, and is fully charged and ready to go with two hours of AC outlet wall charging.

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro is typically quite pricey, running you $1,899. During this sale, you can cop the Explorer 2000 Pro for a 37% discount, at $1,199.

For situations without AC wall charging, the Explorer 2000 Pro can be charged with solar panels. A 200-watt solar panel will charge the Explorer 2000 Pro in 15 hours and a 400-watt solar panel setup will charge the battery in 7.5 hours.

The 200W solar panel bundle for the Explorer 2000 Pro is more expensive than the base model. It typically retails for $2,399, but since this sale has slashed the price by 33%, you can pick it up for $1,599. The 400W solar panel bundle for the Explorer 2000 Pro is the most expensive option out of Jackery’s portable power stations. It’s also on the best sale right now – its price is slashed by 47%. While this bundle typically retails for $3,599, you can nab it right now for $1,899.

Not sure if a portable power station is what you’re looking for to fulfill your energy backup needs? Our list of the best generator deals right now might be a great alternative for you.

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