Hohm Energy Breaks Records: $8 Million Seed Funding To Power Solar Revolution In South Africa – SolarQuarter

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The energy crisis in South Africa has prompted increased interest in alternative power sources, leading Hohm Energy, a startup facilitating rooftop solar installations, to secure a record-setting seed funding of over R154.8 million ($8 million).


Facing daily blackouts due to issues at the state-owned utility Eskom, South Africa has witnessed a surge in solar installations.

Hohm Energy, launched in 2021, aims to streamline the rooftop solar market by creating a software platform and marketplace.


The company facilitates solar installers in managing projects and enables customers to access credit financing, orders, and after-sales services. Hohm has secured financing options from major banks, making solar installations more accessible.

CEO Tim Ohlsen emphasized the importance of ClimateTech in providing scalable and sustainable alternatives to address the energy system’s challenges. The company plans to launch the Hohm School program to train local solar installers following the investment.

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