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One homeowner said they encountered resistance from an unexpected source when they tried to install Tesla Solar in their condo.

The distressed owner posted in the r/TeslaSolar subreddit for help. “I’m reaching out to this community in hopes of finding some guidance or hearing from others who might have faced a similar situation,” they said.

According to the Redditor, they live in a California condo governed by an HOA. “My condo’s HOA manages everything exterior, including the roof,” they said.

Often, HOAs are opposed to residents installing solar panels, even though it saves money and benefits the environment. Some owners have to change their HOAs’ rules to move forward.

But this homeowner was lucky. “My HOA seemed amenable to the idea, needing only to review the architectural application before giving the green light,” they claimed.

Just one problem: Tesla was not on board.

“When I approached Tesla for the installation, they declined, stating that they cannot proceed with installations on roofs owned by an HOA, regardless of the HOA’s standards or stipulations,” the homeowner revealed.

That decision is going to cost the homeowner money since they’d normally be able to reduce or eliminate their electric bill by generating power of their own. “This leaves me in a frustrating position, potentially stuck with a hefty $6,000 annual utility bill with no clear path to solar adoption,” they said.

Plus, energy from solar doesn’t produce pollution, while energy from the grid is often produced from polluting sources like coal. Relying solely on the grid generates more unhealthy, heat-trapping air pollution.

As commenters pointed out, though, there were other options.

“An alternative would be to go to any non-Tesla solar provider,” said one user. “I certainly think Tesla does good work for a good price, but ultimately they get to choose what jobs to take, and if they’re not willing to work on your roof then there are tons of other local options.”

There might even be hope for the homeowner to get a Tesla system after all, according to another Redditor.

“Check with another Tesla advisor if you can. They might have a different response,” said the user. “Just like yours, my HOA allows putting solar panels … No one (including Tesla) had any objections so far. I just think you talked to someone who might not have enough information.”

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