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The dawn of a greener future is breaking over Milan, with the operational launch of the Ravenna Ponticelle photovoltaic plant on February 26, 2024. Spearheaded by Plenitude, a benefit corporation under Eni, this initiative not only signifies a monumental leap in renewable energy development in Italy but also marks a significant stride towards industrial regeneration and environmental stewardship. Nestled in a sprawling 11-hectare former industrial site, the plant’s impressive array of over 10,000 monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels is a testament to technological innovation and a commitment to sustainable progress.


A Beacon of Industrial Regeneration

The transformation of the decommissioned land into a vibrant energy-producing asset is a story of vision and resilience. Through the collaborative efforts of Eni Rewind and Herambiente, 26 hectares of neglected terrain have been meticulously reclaimed. The project’s cornerstone, the Ravenna Ponticelle photovoltaic plant, embodies the potential of industrial sites to pivot towards a sustainable future without compromising their heritage. The introduction of a land bio-reclamation platform and a multifunctional waste pre-treatment platform underscores a holistic approach to environmental healing and industrial rejuvenation.

The Power of Innovation


At the heart of the Ravenna Ponticelle plant’s operations lies a technological marvel: bifacial modules capable of harnessing solar energy from both sides. This cutting-edge feature amplifies the plant’s energy production efficiency, setting a new standard in photovoltaic design. Further enhancing the plant’s green credentials is an innovative energy storage system, equipped with flow batteries being tested by Eni’s R&D unit. This system not only ensures a steady supply of clean energy but also positions the plant as a pioneer in renewable energy storage solutions.

Sowing the Seeds of Sustainable Living

The impact of the Ravenna Ponticelle plant extends far beyond its physical boundaries. With an installed capacity of 6 MW, it is poised to light up the lives of over 3,000 households, offering a tangible example of how renewable energy can be seamlessly integrated into urban living. This project is a critical component of Plenitude’s ambitious renewable energy expansion in Italy, reflecting Eni’s overarching commitment to harnessing technological innovation for environmental benefit. As the plant gears up for grid connection, it stands as a beacon of hope for a sustainable future, proving that industrial legacies can be transformed into sources of clean, renewable energy.

Through the lens of the Ravenna Ponticelle photovoltaic plant, we witness a harmonious blend of technological advancement, environmental stewardship, and community enrichment. As Milan embraces this new chapter in renewable energy, the project serves as a shining example for cities worldwide, demonstrating the viability and necessity of transitioning to sustainable energy solutions.

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