Indias Imports Of Solar Components Still High Even As Exports Jump – NDTV Profit

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India’s 25% import duty on Chinese solar cells and modules is aimed to boost domestic manufacturing. However, China appears to have found loopholes.

Chinese producers are shipping solar components to Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand or Vietnam for minor processing in an attempt to avoid paying anti-dumping duties, according to the US Department of Commerce’s findings last August.

This strategy’s results are also reflected in the Ministry of Commerce’s import data on solar panels. India’s imports of solar panels from China indeed dropped 20% in the April–January period compared to 2021–2022. Vietnam’s solar-panel exports to India have skyrocketed from Rs 2.15 lakh to a staggering Rs 6,713.2 crore in the same period. Imports from Malaysia and Singapore grew seven times and three times respectively. Cambodia, with no previous solar-panel exports to India, has now entered the market with Rs 167.2 crore worth of exports in the April–January period.

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