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Indji Watch display of historical views of damaging hail in relation to solar assets (Graphic: Business Wire)

Indji Systems reinforces its commitment to the solar Industry with the release of real-time and historical tools to enhance its industry leading damaging hail mitigation solution.

LOS ANGELES, April 11, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In an era marked by rapid solar industry expansion, Indji Systems, the premier provider of environmental threat monitoring solutions for the energy sector, is elevating the standard for hail damage prevention with important enhancements to its flagship product, Indji Watch. These enhancements represent a vital advancement in protecting the burgeoning solar energy infrastructure, particularly crucial for utility-scale solar farms which are instrumental in powering the future.

With the solar industry on the brink of a transformative decade, characterized by significant growth and the deployment of large, utility-scale tracking sites, the imperative for advanced hail mitigation strategies has escalated. Indji Systems is at the forefront of this challenge, integrating, innovative technology and user-driven enhancements to fortify Indji Watch, the sector’s trusted hail mitigation solution.

The latest upgrades to Indji Watch introduce intuitive, real-time radar visuals, enabling improved storm tracking and hail detection for operators regardless of their technical acumen. This leading-edge approach not only simplifies the identification of potentially damaging hailstorms but also facilitates prompt protective measures, such as the preemptive stowage of solar panels, thereby minimizing risk and enhancing operational continuity.

Furthermore, Indji Watch now offers an API for seamless integration with existing operational systems, allowing for automated protective responses. This feature, along with the system’s dynamic and customizable alert capabilities, underscores Indji Systems’ commitment to technological innovation and customer-centric development.

Beyond immediate hail threat mitigation, Indji Watch’s new historical analysis feature offers invaluable post-event insights. This functionality provides detailed assessments of the hail’s path and size, enabling damage evaluations, facilitating forensic analysis, and streamlining insurance processing. These important updates significantly augment the strategic depth of hail mitigation efforts, ensuring stakeholders are equipped with the intelligence to navigate the aftermath of severe weather events efficiently.

These updates to Indji Watch represent incremental but meaningful steps forward in the tool’s capabilities, underscoring Indji Systems’ effort to align with the solar industry’s needs for efficient and reliable hail mitigation strategies.

“At Indji Systems, we understand the critical importance of trust and innovation in driving the solar industry forward. Our latest enhancements to Indji Watch are a testament to our commitment to not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our clients,” said Adam Hender, CEO of Indji Systems. “We’re dedicated to providing solutions that protect assets, optimize operations, and ensure our clients are prepared for any challenge. Our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence and our collaborative approach with stakeholders underscore our role as a trusted partner in the industry.”

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