‘It’s a remarkable accomplishment’: UW Health unveils solar panel canopy at new Eastpark Medical Center – WKOW

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MADISON (WKOW) — UW Health staff just unveiled what environmental advocates say is the largest solar canopy in the state. 

There are 2,064 solar panels sitting on top of the UW Health Eastpark Medical Center on the far east side of Madison. 

“We’ve not only embraced renewable energy, but set a remarkable precedent for environmental responsibility,” said Katrina Lambrecht, UW Health’s chief administrative officer. “This installation showcases our commitment to reducing that footprint and promoting clean energy solutions.”

According to a release from UW Health, the solar canopy will generate enough energy to power the planned proton therapy center at the Eastpark Medical Center. 

“The solar canopy at UW Health transforms a parking structure into a clean energy source benefitting its patients and staff,” said Michael Vickerman, Clean Energy Deployment Manager, RENEW Wisconsin. “In terms of scale and design, this is an impressive project that should inspire other major employers in Wisconsin to integrate solar power into their new facilities.”

The panels were supplied by SunPeak, a Madison-based commercial solar developer.

Eastpark is still under construction but is expected to open to the community in late October. It’s located across from East Madison Hospital. 

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