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Homeowners can get discount rates on rooftop solar and backup battery storage by pooling your buying power with others — learn how to do so at a webinar series.

This limited-time group buying program is available to homeowners, Bay Area SunShares offers free site evaluations and quotes, pre-negotiated price discounts, and other incentives for rooftop solar and battery storage.

Combined with a 30% federal tax credit for rooftop solar this program can help put clean, carbon-free renewable energy within reach of more Berkeley households.

Rooftop solar can lower utility bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the value of your home. Battery backups allow you to store energy for later use, which can help keep essential devices like medical equipment and refrigerators running during power outages.

Learn about the benefits of home solar from the SunShares program

When you sign-up for SunShares, you’ll get a no-cost, no-obligation site evaluation to determine if your home is suitable for home solar, battery storage, or both. If you decide to proceed, you can choose to work with either of two vetted solar installers selected by a community evaluation committee.

Contracts must be signed by December 15, 2023, and installations take place by Spring 2024.

Learn more about the benefits of home solar and the SunShares program at an upcoming webinar, a recording will also be available to watch at your convenience.

Bay Area SunShares offers pricing, with approximately 15% below the average market rate for rooftop solar and 10% discount below the average market rate for battery storage, whether you’re considering a new or existing solar system installation.

Register for this limited-time program opportunity by November 15.

Explore the SunShares program to learn how you might be able to get discounted rooftop solar or battery storage.


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