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PHOENIX — A sparkling pool is a big plus for people in Arizona. For Let ABC15 Know viewer, Bonnie, another plus was the solar panels which heat her pool so she can use it year-round.

But, when the decade-old panels leaked, she decided to replace them all.

She hired a local company and says the installation went well, at least for a time.

“Six weeks since the install… and there was leaking,” Bonnie explained.

She reached out to the company. They replaced the leaking panel, but Bonnie says the fix didn’t last long.

“Then six weeks later, a different one was leaking,” she said.

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Bonnie was frustrated and it’s easy to understand since the panels weren’t cheap.

“It was over 6,000,” she said voicing her frustration adding, “It wasn’t like it’s years old of abuse and wind storms or anything like that – it was six weeks old.”

The company told Bonnie they couldn’t do anything. She would have to work with the warranty company. She tried that. She even called the panel manufacturer, but didn’t get a resolution or even a response.

“Neither one would call me back,” she explained.

Bonnie Let ABC15 Know. Our problem solver, Gabby, jumped on the case.

She contacted the manufacturer of the panels which was located out of the country. They weren’t much help. Gabby then contacted the local installers again. Even if the issue lay in the manufacturing, Bonnie didn’t contract with the manufacturer, but with the local installer.

The Valley company came through. They agreed to install new panels for Bonnie – problem solved!

“People don’t have anywhere to go and you guys really help,” Bonnie said after getting the new panels.

She said she’s learned a lesson about doing more research, especially if it involves a big purchase.

Before hiring a contractor you can check their license online with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

If you need help, it’s easy to contact the Let ABC15 Know consumer team at 1-855-323-1515 or email at [email protected].

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