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After years of fluctuations in the energy market, a recent report from LevelTen Energy indicates a period of increased stability in North American Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) prices during the first quarter of 2024. The report, detailing insights into P25 solar and wind PPA prices, highlights marginal shifts in pricing trends across various regions.


According to LevelTen Energy’s report, P25 solar and wind PPA offer prices experienced minimal changes in Q1 2024, with solar prices seeing a slight decline of 1.5%, while wind prices increased by 2.4%. Analyst Sam Mumford from LevelTen Energy attributed these fluctuations to several factors, including lower natural gas prices, increased demand from artificial intelligence (AI) and electrification initiatives, and the anticipation of lower interest rates.


Mumford also cautioned that this period of stability might not endure indefinitely, citing potential impacts from trade restrictions, such as the expiration of President Biden’s tariff moratorium on photovoltaic (PV) components shipped from certain Southeast Asian countries in June.


The report highlights specific regional dynamics, noting a decrease in P25 solar prices in ERCOT (Texas) for the second consecutive quarter and a significant drop of 12.7% in California (CAISO). Conversely, Alberta (AESO) witnessed a 7.2% increase in solar prices due to regulatory uncertainty despite an increase in offer liquidity.

Wind prices, on the other hand, saw a rise of 2.4% across North America, with PJM experiencing a notable 17.7% increase. Mumford attributed this increase to growing project development costs, including those related to land, interconnection, supply chain, and construction.

Despite the relative stability observed in Q1 2024, Mumford emphasized the importance for buyers to act promptly in securing favorable deals amid the evolving market conditions. LevelTen Energy’s Accelerated Process (LEAP™) is highlighted as a solution, offering a faster alternative to the traditional PPA negotiation process.

The report underscores the current window of stability in PPA prices while urging buyers to capitalize on favorable conditions before regulatory changes and heightened competition reshape the market landscape.

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