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Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel has exhibited a solar-powered installation in collaboration with car brand Lexus at this year’s Milan design week.

Named 8 minutes and 20 seconds in reference to the amount of time it takes sunlight to reach the earth, the installation features a full-size silhouette of the brand’s Future Zero-Emission Catalyst concept car made using sheets of organic photovoltaics that rely on sunlight to function.

Following its first showcase at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami) last year, the installation was updated by Lexus from its initial iteration to be “even more reflective and immersive” within its new context at the Superstudio garden in Milan.

View of 8 minutes and 20 seconds at Milan design week
The installation is showcased in the garden at Superstudio

“In my ideal future, the future is solar-powered,” Marjan van Aubel told Dezeen.

“Where we can generate energy on the location where we need it in a beautiful way, not only aesthetically, but also done in a way that’s thinking about [a] materials impact on our world,” she continued.

“Design week is about showing new things, working with colours and giving this optimistic hope [and] joyful experience.”

Concept car silhouette within installation in Milan by Marjan van AubelConcept car silhouette within installation in Milan by Marjan van Aubel
A true-to-size silhouette of the Lexus concept car centres the installation

Exhibited in a range of colours, the silhouette of the concept car centres the installation and is composed of a steel structure within which the panels were held – each depicting a different “slice” of the car.

The structure was raised on a platform finished with mirrored acrylic that nods to Lexus’ future use of this technology, and is imbedded with motion sensors that trigger sounds when approached by visitors.

Among the new additions to the installation are four sculptural trees that surround the car and are similarly made using steel and acrylic panels.

Holographic car within 8 minutes and 20 seconds exhibited in MilanHolographic car within 8 minutes and 20 seconds exhibited in Milan
The steel structure is raised by a platform imbedded with motion sensors

Situated behind the car, an “interactive sun” – made up of 16 of Van Aubel’s Sunne lamps arranged in a circle – is hosted within a white box with a circular entrance. Inside, a sensor triggers the lamps to change colour when a visitor touches it.

Reprised from Van Aubel’s Solar Biennale, a circular sculptural seating area was also placed within the installation and is finished with mirrored acrylic.

Following its showcase in Milan, the travelling installation will likely be exhibited at another location, although it is not yet known where.

Additionally, the artwork has been designed for disassembly and will be recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

Interactive sun within installation by Marjan van AubelInteractive sun within installation by Marjan van Aubel
16 lamps are arranged in a circle to form an ‘interactive sun’

“[Recycling] is a very important part of the way I work and design,” said Van Aubel.

“What’s nice with the solar panels [is that] they are not made of toxic materials, or glued together,” she continued. “Even the solar cells can be taken apart and can be reused and recycled.”

View of 8 minutes and 20 seconds at Milan design weekView of 8 minutes and 20 seconds at Milan design week
The space features a circular seating area finished with mirrored acrylic

Alongside van Aubel, designer Hideki Yoshimoto has also collaborated with Lexus to create an immersive installation featuring illuminated fibreglass sculptures.

Other exhibitions and installations currently on show at Milan design week include a show by designer Faye Toogood that explores “sexuality and the body” and furniture made from reused skyscraper formwork.

The photography is courtesy of Lexus.

8 minutes and 20 seconds is open from 15 to 21 April at Superstudio during Milan design week. See our Milan design week 2024 guide on Dezeen Events Guide for information about the many other exhibitions, installations and talks taking place throughout the week. 

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