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Mercer County has taken a significant step towards greener practices by launching an advanced floating solar panel endeavour on the Delta Mendota Canal. Revealed just weeks ago, this project has garnered support from both federal and state leaders and is expected to drastically reduce water wastage annually while simultaneously boosting the area’s production of renewable energy.

Investment and Teamwork

A hefty $19 million from President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is funding this cutting-edge venture, with $15 million earmarked specifically for the canal initiative. The goal is to address the problem of water loss due to evaporation and to up our game in generating clean energy, not just in California but also in Oregon and Utah.

We’ve seen several key partnerships shape up to drive progress:

  • Bureau of Reclamation: Leading the initiative alongside state and local governments.
  • San Luis and Delta Mendota Water Authority: Collaborating to manage the day-to-day workings of the project.
  • University of California: Providing research and technological reviews to ensure the efficacy of the solar panels on water.

Aims of the Project and Its Positive Effects on Nature

This project has a couple of significant goals. It’s all about generating power, but at the same time, it goes easy on Mother Nature:

  • Cut Down on Losing Water: By covering bodies of water, we could save around 63 billion gallons of water from evaporating each year—that’s enough H2O for about 2 million people!
  • Boost Power Output: With cool water chilling underneath, these solar panels could significantly increase their power production.
  • Slash Upkeep Bills: These panels are not just power-efficient but also reduce maintenance costs by controlling algae growth and reducing the maintenance required for water canals.

Supporting Statements from Government Officials

Gov. Gavin Newsom backed the project’s launch, affirming that it aligns with other state efforts. “This is a no-brainer; it makes perfect sense,” he said. He emphasized that such projects are crucial for updating California’s water and energy systems and that they match well with state environmental targets.

Broader Implications and Future Studies

UC Merced researchers have played a significant role in initiating this project. They believe that if this approach is extended to cover all of California’s 4,000 miles of water delivery systems, there could be enormous savings in water and power across the state. Project scientist Brandi McKuin, who conducted the initial research, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “It’s exciting to watch our study turn into actual solutions that might greatly benefit the state’s economy and environment.”

Additional Projects and Future Prospects

The Delta Mendota project serves as a springboard for broader application across America. Similar initiatives are underway in Oregon and Utah. A new project on Arizona’s Gila River Indian Community’s canal, supported by a $5.65 million grant, demonstrates increasing interest and investment in this technology.

Reflecting on the implications of these efforts, Gov. Newsom said, “We’re going to remember this time and feel really good about the strides we’re making and the new technologies we’re introducing.”


The floating solar panels in Merced County mark a significant advancement for California in using clean energy while conserving water resources. Effective management of crucial water resources is key. When government organizations and educational institutions collaborate, they create innovative and sustainable methods for handling projects. These strategies not only lead the way in our country but also have the potential to set precedents worldwide. This effort addresses current environmental and energy issues while also preparing us for future enhancements in sustainable infrastructure and systems.

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