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America’s clean energy transition is accelerating, with solar and wind power leading the charge, according to Grist.

America is rapidly tapping into the power of sunshine and wind to generate clean, affordable electricity. Over the past decade, renewables like solar and wind have grown from generating just a bit of the nation’s power to providing nearly a quarter of our electricity, according to a report by the nonprofit Climate Central.

This shift is moving the country closer to achieving ambitious climate goals while making energy cheaper and more accessible for everyone.

The sun has been our fastest-growing energy source, expanding an incredible eightfold in just 10 years, according to the report. Solar power now provides nearly 4% of U.S. electricity, up from less than half a percent a decade ago.

Wind energy has also seen huge growth, more than doubling its share to now generate around 10% of the nation’s power.

This clean energy boom is already benefiting people and communities nationwide. Solar and wind are not only better for the environment, but they’re increasingly more affordable than energy sources that release dirty emissions, according to ScienceNewsExplores. That means these renewable sources are already reducing electricity bills for households nationwide.

At the same time, the shift to clean power is creating good jobs, driving economic growth, and improving public health by reducing harmful pollution. It’s a win-win for our wallets and the planet.

“I think the rate at which renewables have been able to grow is just something that most people don’t recognize,” said Amanda Levin, director of policy analysis at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

With expanded tax credits and incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act set to accelerate clean energy growth even further, the U.S. is on track to get the majority of its electricity from climate-friendly sources within the next few years.

By replacing dirty emissions with sunshine and wind, we can power our lives while building a safer, more sustainable future for all.

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