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NTT has embarked on a significant sustainability journey, signing a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with TEPCO Energy Partner Inc. and Promedia Inc. This strategic move aims to power its Mitaka Data Center EAST with solar energy, marking a significant step towards achieving its net-zero ambitions by 2030. Set to commence in August 2024, this initiative will leverage solar power plants in Saitama and Tochigi prefectures, covering approximately 20% of the data center’s energy requirements.


Strategic Solar Initiatives and Industry Impact

NTT’s commitment to sustainability is further exemplified by its previous engagement in a 70MW distributed solar PPA in 2022, highlighting the growing trend of renewable energy adoption within Japan’s data center industry. Despite PPAs being less common in Japan compared to other countries, notable companies like AWS have also entered into substantial solar PPAs, indicating a shift towards cleaner energy sources within the tech sector. This move by NTT not only underscores its dedication to environmental responsibility but also sets a new benchmark for the industry, encouraging other companies to follow suit in adopting renewable energy solutions.

Solar Power’s Role in NTT’s Sustainability Vision


With 14 data centers across Japan, NTT’s plan to integrate lightweight solar panels across its facilities aligns with its broader sustainability goals. The partnership with TEPCO Energy Partner Inc. and Promedia Inc. for this PPA reflects a collaborative approach towards overcoming regulatory hurdles and promoting renewable energy adoption. This initiative is poised to serve as a model for how data centers can contribute to a more sustainable future, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and reduce carbon footprints.

Looking Ahead: Renewable Energy and Data Center Evolution

This pioneering step by NTT not only highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability but also signals the evolving landscape of the data center industry towards greater energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. As renewable energy becomes increasingly central to corporate strategies, initiatives like NTT’s solar PPA are likely to inspire further innovation and collaboration across sectors. The move towards sustainable energy solutions is not just a trend but a necessary evolution to address the pressing challenges of climate change and energy consumption in the digital age.

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