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In Indonesia, the push towards a more sustainable future gains momentum as Padma Hotels takes significant strides in embracing renewable energy, particularly solar power, within the hotel industry. Throughout 2023, Padma Hotels, with properties in Bali, Bandung, Semarang, and Karawang, has been operating Solar Power Plant (PLTS) systems, marking a commendable effort to reduce carbon footprints.

Emi Ishii, Director of Rooms at Padma Hotel Semarang, emphasized the hotel’s commitment to sustainability, stating, “Padma Hotels strongly supports energy-saving initiatives, with solar energy being a prime choice due to its eco-friendly nature and limitless availability.” By harnessing solar energy, Padma Hotels significantly curbs reliance on fossil fuels, ensuring that every guest experiences accommodation powered by clean, renewable energy sourced from the sun.

Acknowledging the tourism industry’s substantial carbon emissions, Emi highlighted Padma Hotels’ dedication to minimizing its environmental impact through solar energy adoption. Beyond solar power, Padma Hotels has implemented a range of sustainability programs, including the use of environmentally friendly amenities and innovative wastewater management systems for plant irrigation, further contributing to eco-conscious operations.


In 2023 alone, Padma Hotels’ PLTS systems collectively generated 938,327 kWh of solar energy, resulting in a reduction of 730 tons of CO2 emissions annually and the equivalent of planting 12,118 trees yearly.

SUN Energy, a leading PLTS developer in Indonesia, lauded Padma Hotels’ commitment to renewable energy adoption. Dion Jefferson, Deputy CEO of SUN Energy, commended Padma Hotels for their investment in PLTS systems across multiple locations, emphasizing the potential of the hotel sector to drive the energy transition through tangible sustainability initiatives.

Expressing optimism for the future, Jefferson urged other hotel industry players to follow Padma Hotels’ lead, advocating for the integration of clean, renewable energy solutions to foster environmentally friendly tourism practices. By championing the concept of ecotourism and embracing renewable energy, hotels can enhance their reputation while contributing to Indonesia’s broader sustainability goals.

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