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Seattle is amping up its green energy game, with Seattle City Light setting the stage for a more modern, clean-energy grid. As reported by Building Connections, beginning April 1, the utility company is requiring that all new solar panel inverter-based Distributed Energy Resources (DER) meet specific safety and communication standards.

The new mandate states that inverters need to be certified under Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 1741 Supplement B and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1547-2018. These advanced inverters, featuring communications functions, are at the forefront of City Light’s efforts for grid modernization and a pivot to renewable resources. All proposed DER that require an engineering review, as of the April deadline, and all new DER applications after July 1, will be affected by the change. Walking on the path toward a carbon-neutral horizon, this move ensures that the utility is equipped with the capability to manage customer-generated solar energy in real time.

Seattle City Light emphasizes the significance of this step in their journey to an electrified future. A future, where customers have more say in their energy production and the collective environmental footprint shrinks. As the push for sustainability takes firmer roots in public consciousness, measures like these reveal not just an environmental responsibility, but a commitment to innovation and customer empowerment. “The new inverters will allow City Light to understand how much energy customer solar is generating in real time,” the utility explained, an investment in technology that underscores a greener tomorrow.

As Seattle residents witness the transition to renewable energy solutions, this development by Seattle City Light illuminates a path towards a city less dependent on fossil fuels. It is an investment, for sure, aimed at safeguarding both the electrical grid and the environment. Seattle City Light’s actions project a cleaner, more resilient energy landscape, and signals to other cities that the future is not only attainable but is indeed already unfolding beneath our very feet.

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