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Sol Systems, a leader in clean energy finance and development, has partnered with SOLARCYCLE. They are pioneering the recycling of old solar panels. Together, they promote greener methods for managing solar panels throughout their lifecycle.

Pushing for a Waste-Free, Circular Economy

  • This partnership tackles environmental issues linked to solar power production, especially disposal and recycling of panels.
  • As solar energy adoption increases, embracing zero-waste, eco-friendly cycles becomes crucial.
  • The initiative began when Sol Systems recognized the urgent need for better recycling methods.
  • Earlier this year, they teamed up with SOLARCYCLE.
  • They addressed damaged solar panels from a local project in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, hit by severe weather. This project reduced waste and demonstrated effective recycling methods.

Their process extracts valuable materials like silver, silicon, copper, aluminum, and glass from old panels. Redirecting these materials from landfills conserves resources and reduces environmental damage. The extracted materials are purified and reused in new solar panels and other products.

Eugene Rhee, a lead engineer at Sol Systems, praised SOLARCYCLE’s technology. He said, “SOLARCYCLE’s innovation is mind-blowing. It aligns with our goals for innovation and environmental care. Global increases in solar use demand better disposal solutions.”

Strategic Impact on Domestic Supply and Economic Security

Research from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory indicates significant future impacts. By 2040, recycled solar panel materials could meet 25 to 30 percent of U.S. solar manufacturing needs. This reduces reliance on imports and strengthens economic and environmental security.

Jesse Simons, a top executive at SOLARCYCLE, is excited about the partnership. He said, “Working with Sol Systems enhances our sustainability efforts. Together, we ensure proper disposal of old panels and start new initiatives. We are ready to lead future green energy efforts.”

About the Companies

Sol Systems

Founded in 2008, Sol Systems is a major player in the green energy sector, based in Washington, D.C. They manage and develop solar projects capable of producing over 2 GW, worth more than $2 billion. Sol Systems serves a diverse clientele, including major corporations, local governments, and educational institutions. They handle environmental commodity services for about 40,000 customers. Known for integrity and reliability, Sol Systems is committed to a sustainable future. For more information, visit


Established in 2022, SOLARCYCLE aims to revolutionize solar sustainability with innovative technology. Their process recovers up to 95% of reusable materials from old solar panels, significantly impacting the solar circular economy. They focus on technological innovation in recycling solar panels and related technologies. For more information, visit

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