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Monday’s solar eclipse will temporarily prevent the equivalent of 30 nuclear reactors’ worth of energy output being generated by solar panels across the United States.

Some 30 gigawatts of solar capacity will be lost as the moon’s path aligns with the sun, plunging some areas into darkness, according to Schneider Capital Group LLC.

Texas will be the worst affected, losing around 17 gigawatts, with PJM Interconnection LLC and Midcontinent Independent System Operator’s grids to the northwest and in the midwest respectively then next, losing 4 and 4.8 gigawatts.

“Utilities should be ready” though, Schneider reassured, given “the eclipse has been pretty well-telegraphed”.

Power prices will likely be unaffected as a result, the firm added, as other means of generation are ramped up to compensate.

Areas spanning Mexico, North America and Canada are set to be plunged into a brief period of darkness for just over four minutes during the event.

This includes Torrean in Mexico from around 1pm Eastern Time, before Dallas and Indianapolis in the States, and Montreal further to the northeast in Canada, experience the phenomenon later.

America last saw a total solar eclipse in 2017, with the next then not due until 2045.

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