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When a solar panel is exposed to sunlight, it produces direct current (DC) electricity.A solar inverter is the device that takes the direct current and converts it into alternating current (AC) energy. On their own, solar panels can only generate DC, which means they are not compatible with powering homes, which exclusively use AC, as well as the majority of appliances — hence the need for an inverter. As well, solar panel inverters have several features that are beneficial and convenient with regard to the entire solar power setup.

For example, most modern solar panel inverters can display, at minimum, the day’s basic system stats, such as whether the battery is currently charging and how much power the solar panels have generated. This functionality is usually basic, but more advanced features — such as monitoring power generation over time — may be made available in a companion mobile app. Regardless whether your solar setup uses a mobile app or inverter for monitoring, however, the inverter remains a key part of the system, as you won’t be able to power your home and appliances using sunlight without it.

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