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Tri-Cities, WA-

Solar panels have gained popularity in our area with companies like Campbell & Company now offering installations and routine maintenance.

Solar panels, often seen on top of roofs, convert sunlight into electrical energy.

Solar panels have multiple benefits, such as reducing carbon emissions, reliability during power outages, and decreased utility bills.

Depending on the customer and their needs, we’re told installation ranges from $15,000 where only a few panels are wanted, to upwards of $50,000 to $60,000 where a whole roof would be covered with panels.

One common misconception: solar still works even on rainy or cloudy days.

“There’s many features and benefits for sure, but it really kind of depends on what the consumer is looking for. So, if they are looking to have overall savings on their utility bills, solar is a great opportunity for that, if they’re looking for energy consumption, and they want to kind of be able to store their own, or potentially add battery backups. A lot of customers, it provides them with a piece of mind knowing that they have lower bills, they have this additional power by adding solar,” said Isaiah Jensen, Residential Sales Manager for Campbell & Company.

We’re also told solar power is not meant to be the only source of power for your needs, however, it can provide that backup when needed.

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