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SolGold PLC is excited to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Grupo Empresarial Semaica (Semaica Business Group), a prominent construction company in Ecuador, alongside Enerhydra, an American firm with extensive experience in Latin American projects, and Constructora Nacional S.A., a key player in hydroelectric development in Ecuador. This collaboration marks a significant step toward launching a transformative hydro-solar initiative aimed at powering SolGold’s flagship Cascabel Project in Northern Ecuador. The MOU outlines the collective objectives and responsibilities of each party in developing a sustainable Power Project that will deliver around 200 megawatts of clean, renewable energy to the Cascabel site.

The agreement encompasses crucial elements such as potential Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), financing arrangements, construction duties, technical aspects, project operation, and the eventual end-user of the generated energy. SolGold’s role will primarily revolve around leveraging its position as an end-user to qualify for discounted power rates upon Project completion, while also supporting its partners in fundraising endeavors. Importantly, all terms of the agreement align with a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable economic development.

Scott Caldwell, CEO and President of SolGold Ecuador, expressed his enthusiasm, highlighting the potential of integrating clean hydroelectric and solar energy into the Cascabel Project. He emphasized the project’s broader impact, positioning Cascabel as a leading copper-gold mine striving for a carbon-neutral footprint and actively contributing to the green revolution.


The Project’s financing is expected to be secured through a blend of sources, including international financial institutions and entities specializing in sustainable energy investments. These partnerships could provide the necessary capital for construction and operational expenses, ensuring the Project’s successful implementation. Leveraging hydroelectric and solar power sources offers potential cost savings over traditional energy sources, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability in the long term.

Furthermore, the initiative is anticipated to have a significant positive impact on local communities surrounding Cascabel, fostering job creation, skill development, and infrastructure improvements to support economic growth and enhance overall quality of life.

Grupo Empresarial Semaica, with a legacy dating back to 1956, is recognized for its expertise and commitment to quality in various construction sectors, including renewable energy initiatives. Ing. Mauricio Martinez Fernández, President of Semaica Business Group, expressed excitement about addressing global copper demands and local energy needs sustainably through this partnership with SolGold.

Enerhydra, a Brazilian-Argentinian engineering firm based in the United States, brings technical expertise in designing and implementing innovative energy solutions, crucial for the Project’s success. Bénard Torres, CEO of Enerhydra, emphasized the initiative’s potential to support Ecuador’s energy security and development goals.

Constructora Nacional, an Ecuadorian construction company with decades of experience, will play a pivotal role in the Project’s execution, working closely with Semaica Business Group. Executive President José Rafael Armijos highlighted the project’s significance for Ecuador’s energy landscape and its potential benefits for local communities and the environment.

The Project will adhere to stringent regulatory standards and environmental safeguards, with active engagement of local communities, government agencies, and environmental organizations throughout the planning and implementation phases. By fostering open dialogue and addressing concerns, the partners aim to build trust and create shared value for all stakeholders.

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