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Spain’s Soltec has developed a new dual-row, single-axis tracker with a tracking range of up to 60 degrees, offering compatibility with 60-cell, 72-cell and 78-cell modules.

April 19, 2024

Soltec, a vertically integrated Spanish PV company, said in a recent statement that it has launched a new 125-meter-long, dual-row horizontal, single-axis solar tracker system. The SFOneX system has a tracking range of 55 degrees, and there is an option to upgrade it to 60 degrees.

“With its self-powered system, equipped with a dedicated panel and a long-lasting battery, the SFOneX guarantees up to four days of autonomous operation without sunlight,” the company said. “Its design with double rows connected by a flexible transmission axis not only reduces the number of tracking motors and controllers by half but also provides a cost-effective solution for solar projects.”

The company said it can be used with 72-cell, 78-cell, or 60-cell modules – both crystalline and thin-film panels. It can adapt to both north-south and east-west orientations of up to 15%. It can use a driven pile, ground screws, or concrete and can handle temperatures of up to 55 C.

“Like all Soltec solar trackers, it features the adapted TeamTrack system that allows maximizing energy capture by avoiding shading between rows,” the company said. “In the case of bifacial tracking, this algorithm also balances production between diffuse and direct radiation to achieve maximum performance. Additionally, the Diffuse Booster algorithm, equipped with advanced sensor systems and weather forecasting, allows for maximizing production even on cloudy days.”

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In addition, the tracking system can defend itself from strong wind by adapting to the optimal position. It also has a hail-protection algorithm that uses early detection to protect the PV modules from damage.

“The launch of the SFOneX solar tracker marks a milestone in efficiency and innovation in the solar industry, highlighting its suitability for the US market due to its terrain adaptability, length, self-powered system, as well as its economic efficiency in installation,” said CEO Raúl Morales.

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