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Solar energy is fine in correct location

A solar energy company is casting covetous eyes on a large block of farmland in eastern Howard County for a proposed solar farm. Pursuing solar energy is fine, but this is the wrong location for it. The world is adding more and more people, and there is less and less farmland to support them. We need to be better guardians of available farmland, the more of it that is taken out of agriculture purposes, the less we will be able to support the growing population.

Put the solar panels on the roofs of the many and increasingly constructed huge warehouses going up all around central Indiana. There are literally acres and acres of flat roofs on these buildings that would hold a lot of solar panels. Working with the solar companies would provide warehouse owners with additional income from their buildings. Also, put the solar farms out in the western areas of the country, in the desert areas where there are few people and there is vast acreage unsuitable for agricultural production, and there is plenty of sunshine for the solar panels.

Allowing a solar farm to tie up for years any amount of farmland would be a terrible mismanagement of our dwindling resources. For a solar energy company to want to do this in the first place is not indicative of sound judgement on their part. To see the proposal go even as far as it has is disappointing, to say the least.

Perhaps it is time for the villagers to take to the streets with pitchforks in hand, like they used to do in the old horror movies of years gone by. Not to force the issue, but to let the people in charge know with certainty how much the solar farm proposal is not to their liking.

They know when it is enough of warehouses and subdivisions and apartment complexes and office buildings and solar farms taking up agricultural land: when they see no more food in grocery stores.

Jeff Hatton, Greentown

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