Standing charges scrapped for large scale Guernsey renewables –

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Charges for large scale renewable energy set ups in Guernsey are being scrapped.

Standby charges currently only apply where the installed power-generation capacity is above 25kW – the equivalent of about 75 standard solar panels.

From 1 April any size of renewable energy installation will not have to pay a standing charge.

The States of Guernsey hopes the changes will remove potential barriers in investment in large scale renewable projects.

The States’ Trading Supervisory Board announced it had agreed the tariff application from Guernsey Electricity to remove the standby charge on 29 February.

The changes will come into effect from 1 April 2024.

For those using non-renewable sources, the monthly charge of £3.07 per kW will still apply.

In September 2023, the States agreed the island’s electricity strategy.

Part of that strategy included the removal of standby charges for renewable energy installations.

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