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Sunstone, a leading solar loan platform facilitating the transition to clean energy for businesses, has announced the rollout of its Consultant Partner Program. This initiative aims to provide solar energy brokers and consultants with easier and quicker access to Sunstone’s loan offerings and extensive installer network, streamlining the process for businesses looking to switch to solar energy


Traditionally, energy consultants have faced challenges in accessing detailed lending terms, often leading to delays in the sales process and hindering businesses’ transition to solar energy. Sunstone’s Consultant Partner Program seeks to address this issue by offering consultants and brokers access to comprehensive information through a user-friendly online portal, simplifying the deal closure process.


Steve Dafnis from EcoLogic Capital praised the Consultant Partner Program, highlighting its effectiveness in facilitating seamless solar financing solutions for clients. The program’s streamlined approach enables consultants to present lending terms to borrowers swiftly, enhancing the overall efficiency of the sales process.


Sunstone distinguishes itself by offering flexible loan tenors of up to 20 years, providing consultants and their clients with a wide range of options not typically available through traditional solar loans from banks. The platform’s commitment to expanding affordable financing options underscores its dedication to making solar energy accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Duncan Hinkle, co-founder and Senior Vice President of Business Development at Sunstone, expressed enthusiasm for the Consultant Partner Program, emphasizing its role in empowering consultants to play a vital role in advancing solar adoption nationwide.

The launch of the Consultant Partner Program follows Sunstone’s recent expansion with the establishment of its co-headquarters in Baltimore. Additionally, the company’s acquisition of ORKA Finance, a commercial solar lender, and participation in the consortium to acquire Sunlight Financial, a residential solar financing company, further underscore its commitment to the solar energy sector.

In 2023, Sunstone surpassed the milestone of half a billion dollars in initiated loan applications across the United States.

Sunstone’s Consultant Partner Program marks a significant step towards accelerating the adoption of solar energy by providing energy consultants and brokers with enhanced access to financing options. By streamlining the process and expanding affordable loan offerings, Sunstone aims to make solar energy more accessible to businesses across the country.

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