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The Swiss Canton of Fribourg and utility Gruyere Energie SA plan to develop a 14-MW pilot project that envisages installing solar panels above the H189 road near the local town of Bulle.

The project has been approved by the cantonal Directorate for Spatial Planning, Infrastructure, Mobility and the Environment, the canton said on Wednesday.

The plan includes building a structure covered with solar panels, stretching over the roadway. The estimated total area is 89,000 square metres. When completed, the solar system is expected to generate 15 GWh of electricity.

The next step for the project is to go through a feasibility study after which a financial plan will be developed.

The local civil engineering agency will then jointly with Gruyere Energie evaluate the technical details of the project, particularly those regarding the compatibility of road operations and the photovoltaic installation.

The project is in line with the energy transition strategy of the State Council and Gruyere Energie. Under the strategy, the canton aims to achieve an annual solar electricity production of 0.6 TWh by 2035 and 1.3 TWh by 2050.

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