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In a setback for renewable energy adoption, technical difficulties have obstructed citizens from applying to a promising new government grant scheme, ‘Solar Panels for All’. Stella Hatzigiannakou, a senior figure at the Ministry of Energy, has disclosed concerted efforts to rectify the stumbling blocks faced by the online platform managed by the RES & EE Fund. This initiative, part of the broader ‘Grant Scheme for encouraging the use of RES and EE in households 2024-2025’, has sparked considerable interest, drawing 1220 applications by the close of its inaugural day.


Urgent Technical Fixes Underway

The RES & EE Fund’s online platform, the gateway for citizens to access the ‘Solar Panels for All’ grants, encountered unforeseen technical issues immediately after the scheme’s launch. These glitches have prevented many eager applicants from submitting their applications, causing frustration and uncertainty among potential beneficiaries. Senior Officer Stella Hatzigiannakou, during her appearance on the Alpha Informative program, assured the public that the managing company is actively working to resolve these issues swiftly to restore access to the platform.

High Demand for Renewable Energy Incentives


Despite the technical hurdles, the new grant scheme has witnessed a surge in interest from citizens eager to incorporate renewable energy solutions into their homes. The ‘Solar Panels for All’ initiative, categorized under A3 in the broader grant scheme, aims to promote the use of renewable energy sources (RES) and energy efficiency (EE) in households across the 2024-2025 period. This considerable attention highlights the growing public demand for sustainable energy alternatives and government-supported initiatives to facilitate this transition.

Looking Forward: Resolving Challenges for a Greener Future

As efforts to troubleshoot the online platform’s issues continue, the broader implications of these technical difficulties come into focus. The eagerness shown by the public to participate in the ‘Solar Panels for All’ scheme underscores the importance of reliable and user-friendly infrastructure to support the shift towards renewable energy. As the RES & EE Fund and the Ministry of Energy work towards resolving these initial obstacles, the incident serves as a reminder of the challenges that lie ahead in the path to a sustainable energy future. However, the strong public interest also signals a collective readiness to embrace renewable energy, marking a hopeful stride towards environmental sustainability and energy independence.

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