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While climate issues can feel overwhelming, it is important to remember that there are tons of solutions that individuals can engage in — from small-scale sustainable product swaps to larger-scale forms of adaptation and mitigation. An example of the many solutions is Zendure’s AIO 2400.

The AIO 2400 is a new product that works as an all-in-one energy solution to support renewable energy usage and storage for a home. According to the product model information, it works in tandem with solar panels. The AIO 2400 “converts the energy generated by solar panels into AC power” and can store excess energy in batteries for nighttime use for household appliances. 

Its design focuses on energy efficiency and ensuring that solar energy is properly used and stored to maximize its potential. Zendure estimates this efficiency can save users up to about $700 annually.

Zendure, a tech startup established in 2017 and based in Silicon Valley with global locations, has a mission to “deliver reliable and affordable clean energy for households worldwide,” per its website. The AIO 2400 exemplifies this, as it offers customers looking into renewable energy a small-scale and accessible product to manage their renewable energy usage.

Products such as the AIO 2400 are key to making renewable energy a reality for everyone. Solar panels, for instance, can save people more than $1,000 on electric bills every year, and having an AIO 2400 product makes using them even easier and more efficient. 

You don’t have to own a home with a roof to use solar, either. Solar companies such as EcoFlow have created portable solar panels that can be simply plugged in and used on balconies to begin harvesting renewable energy.

The more people who switch to solar power, the bigger the environmental impact will become. Though the task can seem daunting, using solar energy can take many different forms, from operating portable solar panels to investing in community solar programs. Steps and information on how to switch to solar energy can be found in this guide.

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