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Texans have a field day trashing renewable energy, but the have no problem using it.

Image by Hans from Pixabay

Image by Hans from Pixabay


IFL Science reports that Texas Solar Power contributed 10% to the ERCOT grid, while coal went below 10% for a whole month for the first time. This is absolutely shocking to a state that loves the oil and gas industries. Yes, coal is not oil and gas, but just allowing a renewable energy source to start picking up steam seems outright rebellious in the Lone Star State.

There’s always going to be a place for oil and gas and we don’t have to choose. The fact is that the consumer benefits when there is competition and adding these renewable to the grid are doing just that. According to the story, Texas is growing is power production faster than it’s demand, and that should drive prices down.

Snarky politicians love to say that solar is no good on a cloudy day. Even though that’s not how it really works, so much power is being produced that it is being stored in batteries. That’s right, power captured today can be used later (I wish that didn’t sound so snarky, but it’s exactly the opposite of what some critics say).

My apologies to the folks still mining coal out there. Coal is absolutely the dirtiest of all fossil fuels and if we can dump it in favor of Texas oil and natural gas, along with power supplied by Texas wind and sunshine, then so be it (To be fair,  oil and gas can be dirty too, but nowhere near as bad as coal).

All of our power sources are going to have pros and cons and that’s why it makes incredible sense to diversify the power going into the grid. I doubt even coal will be completely eliminated, but new, and relatively inexpensive renewable energy has arrived and we’d be foolish not to take advantage of it.

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