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In a pioneering effort, the municipality of The Hague and grid operator Stedin are jointly developing a futuristic smart electricity grid along the coast of Scheveningen, The Hague. This innovative project entails the creation of an autonomous electricity grid capable of self-regulation, catering to the energy needs of beach pavilions, event venues, and other establishments in the area.


The smart beach grid, designed as a comprehensive low-voltage network, will incorporate solar panels, heat pumps, charging stations, and various beach pavilions. One of the key components of this initiative is a beach battery with a capacity of 360kWh, constructed from recycled batteries sourced from electric vehicles. This battery will enable the storage of surplus solar energy generated during sunny periods for later use, ensuring a consistent power supply even when sunlight is unavailable.


The implementation of this innovative grid aims to optimize electricity distribution, allowing Stedin to efficiently manage peaks in energy demand and supply. Additionally, it empowers users to exercise greater control over their energy consumption, enabling them to schedule activities such as electric vehicle charging during sustainable hours.


Following a two-year trial period in Scheveningen, Stedin plans to expand the concept to other low-voltage networks across the Netherlands, offering a promising solution for establishing a sustainable and affordable energy supply nationwide.

Saskia Bruines, The Hague’s deputy mayor, expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its potential to shape the electricity grid of the future and address challenges associated with the energy transition. Similarly, Danny Benima, CFO of Stedin, emphasized the importance of innovation in optimizing grid capacity utilization and underscored the collaboration between Stedin and The Hague municipality.

The development of the Smart Beach Grid is part of the Living Lab Scheveningen initiative, serving as a platform for practical testing of digital innovations to address urban challenges. Already, significant progress has been made with the event area at the Beach Stadium and the control center of Scheveningen harbor being connected to the grid. This year, three beach pavilions are set to join the initiative, marking a significant milestone in the project’s advancement.

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