Trina Solar to provide 117MW of Vertex modules to PetroGreen for use in the Philippines – PV Tech

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This deal will see Trina deliver modules for projects belonging to the Rizal Green Energy Corporation, a subsidiary of PetroGreen, itself the renewable energy developer of the PetroEnergy Resources Corporation. The deal will see Rizal deploy Trina modules at projects in the municipalities of San Jose and Nueva Ecija, and in the provinces of Pangasinan and Isabela.

The companies also noted that Trina would provide modules from its Vertex series, a range of n-type tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) products. Last month, Trina announced a new power conversion efficiency milestone for its Vertex N range of modules, as it looks to improve the efficiency of its products.

“The Philippines boasts immense potential to harness solar energy to meet its rising energy demands,” said Elva Wang, head of South-East Asia at Trina Solar Asia Pacific. “This expansion of our partnership underscores our mutual commitment to long-term collaboration and the continued growth of renewable energy initiatives in the Philippines.”

The Philippines has made ambitious targets to expand its renewable power sector, with the government looking to grow its installed renewable capacity from 1.8GW as of last year to 20GW by 2040.

By January of this year, the Philippines had awarded tenders for 3.4GW of renewable power capacity, and Upgrade Energy Philippines has made plans to install 700MW of new rooftop and ground-mounted solar capacity, with the relative lack of land areas available for solar installations in the Philippines presenting an obstacle to large, utility-scale installations.

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