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Unitil has begun site work on the state’s first regulated utility-owned solar array located on 36 acres of vacant land in Kingston.

The 4.9 megawatt solar project, approved by the Public Utilities Commission in May 2023, will consist of 11,232 panels, and Unitil has selected Brentwood-based ReVision Energy as its engineering, procurement, and construction contractor. 

Once operable, likely in 2025, the electricity produced by the solar project will be delivered directly into Unitil’s electric distribution system, reducing the amount of energy it receives from the transmission system. The array is estimated to generate approximately 9.7 million kilowatt hours of energy in its first year of service and an average of 8.6 million kilowatt hours annually over its 40-year projected lifespan. 

Under state law, utilities can invest in renewable generation of up to 6 percent of their total distribution peak load, meaning Unitil can develop as much as 18 megawatts of renewable generation.

“This is an exciting project that underscores Unitil’s commitment to using renewable energy sources to provide valuable economic benefits for our customers through the generation of stable, affordable, low-carbon energy,” Unitil External Affairs Director Alec O’Meara said in a statement. “The new array reflects Unitil’s long-term goals of addressing the region’s climate objectives in a way that’s cost-effective, sustainable, and provides direct benefits to all customers.”

Dan Weeks, vice president of business development at ReVision Energy, said the array will provide significant savings for ratepayers, generate employment opportunities within Kingston, and curb carbon emissions. 

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