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Lou Barker, a mechanical engineer and Army veteran, found solace in renovating an abandoned schoolhouse in Pulaski County, Virginia, amidst personal challenges. Barker, who moved into the property known as Ray’s Schoolhouse in May 2023, has since installed solar panels for heating and undertaken significant repairs, transforming it into a cozy retreat while dealing with his wife’s terminal cancer and his own health issues.


Renovation and Resilience

Upon purchasing the 10 1⁄2 acre property, which included Ray’s Schoolhouse, Barker faced immediate hurdles, including a broken wrist and legal issues on closing day. Despite these setbacks, he pushed forward with renovations, installing solar panels and making the schoolhouse livable. The property, with its history and charm, has become a project of passion for Barker, offering him a distraction and a purpose as he navigates through his wife’s illness and his recovery from liver replacement due to PTSD.

Community and Comfort


Barker’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Roy Haley, a fellow Army veteran and neighbor, frequently lends a hand, symbolizing the strong bonds formed within this rural community. The property, with its pond rumored to contain a submerged boxcar, has also become a haven for wildlife and a place for Barker to explore farming possibilities. Despite the challenges, Barker’s work on the schoolhouse and his land reflects his commitment to creating a space of peace and resilience.

Looking Ahead

As Barker contemplates retirement, he looks forward to dedicating more time to his land and continuing renovations on Ray’s Schoolhouse. With the support of the community and the tranquility the property provides, Barker remains optimistic about the future. His story is a testament to the healing power of nature and the strength found in facing life’s challenges head-on, all while building a sanctuary that honors his past and embraces the possibilities of tomorrow.

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