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There’s a lot to keep in mind regarding the financials of a house with solar panels. First and foremost, you want to be aware of the cost to replace them if needed. Installing a brand new 6-kilowatt system can come close to $13,000 on average. It’s also a few thousand dollars to remove an old system, so if you’re looking to remove and replace it, expect a large bill. These financial figures depend on your location, the number of panels, and other individualized factors. Additionally, contacting trained professionals to handle such work is vital to avoid pricey errors.

Solar panels also bring the potential for hidden costs that could blindside someone purchasing a property that includes them. Alongside typical labor and installation expenses, the bills could roll in for permits and paperwork, supply chain emergencies, or a hefty excess for those paying for the installation via finance rather than cash. Speaking to CNET, Garrett Mendelsohn, CEO of Solar Bootcamp, said, “If the cash price is $100,000, the financed price is $140,000.”

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